The 6 Best 3D Pen for Kids

There are many ways of surprising your kids with unique gifts, but nothing brings excitement, like giving your child a 3D Pen.

Best 3D Pen For Kids

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It’s a good idea to help the kids develop their artistic skills. We understand the challenge of picking the best 3D pen for your kids. This article simplifies the problem by listing the six best 3D pens for kids.

Our top pick is the 3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Pen. It has no hot parts, and the nozzle is anti-clogging. Expect no burns and injuries to your kids.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read our article, below is a comparison chart with the best 6 3D pens for kids (the TL;DR version). Enjoy!

Comparison Chart

Image Product Feature Price
Our Pick


3Doodler Start Essentials


Features refined extrusion gears for a smoother 3D Drawing experience. Comes with an app. Check at Amazon

MYNT3D-MP032 Junior 2


Works with kid-safe low temperature. It has a nozzle that won’t burn young hands. Check at Amazon

CreoPop 3D Pen


World’s first 3D pen with cool ink like glow-in-the-dark, aromatic, and glittering. Check at Amazon

MYNT3D Super


The new ultrasonic sealed nozzle is nearly clog-proof + step-less speed slider. Check at Amazon

MYNT3D – MP033-GN Basic


Excellent for Beginners. User-friendly entry into the world of 3D art. Check at Amazon

Magic Imagi Pen


It uses safe LED light bad magic gel that hardens instantly. From gel to solid plastic in seconds. Check at Amazon

Let’s jump into the reviews. Read on!

1. Our Pick – 3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Pen

Check at Amazon

The 3Doodler Start Essentials is our top pick for kids, perfect for keeping children engaged, and a good STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) toy to promote educational learning. The pen uses the safest 3Doodler Start hence no hot parts, and children can touch the nozzle with no burn risks.

You are also guaranteed smoother drawing thanks to the top edition of refined extrusion gear. This will help kids become more creative by designing, building, and understanding spatial creativity.

The materials used are children friendly PLC plastic hence safe for children from ages six. Additionally, one of the technological advancements in this 3D pen is the 3Doodler Start app that enables an interactive learning experience on the screen. It comes with a stencil section with simple instructions.

Finally, the 3Doodler kit comes ready with a 3Doodler Start 3D Pen, DoodlePad/Doodle Mat, 2 Mixed-color Packs of Start plastics with 48 Strands, Micro-USB Charger, Activity Guide, and at an affordable price.



2. Runner-Up – MYNT3D-MP032 Junior2 3D Pen For Kids

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Another alternative for children is the MYNT3D-MP032 Junior 2. First, it made it to our list because of the child-friendly ergonomic design that allows easy holding and drawing and the low-temperature nozzle that will never burn the child.

The pen uses the upgraded nozzle seal to prevent clogging and allows your child to enjoy hundreds of hours learning how to print and become creative each passing day.

Additionally, the model is battery powered so you won’t experience the disaster that comes with wires crossing all over when in use. Unlike the rest that works with ABS filament and PLA material, it uses the 1.75mm PCL filament, a low-temperature type and best for youngsters.

This package comes with a 3D pen, user manual, 3 rolls of MYNT3D PCL plastic, starter stencils, and a USB cable, so you’ll start on the go.

Overall, the pen is protected by a one year warranty, so you’ll get repairs on manufacturing defects.



3. Cordless Pen – CreoPop Professional 3D Pen

Check at Amazon

Are you looking for a perfect gift for kids and teens? We have the CreoPop Professional 3D pen. First, it uses solidified photopolymers with LED diodes to allow kids to share breathtaking designs and improve creativity.

It is free from heat and no clogging making it child friendly and a great 3d printing pen to boost creativity for your children. Additionally, the type has 3 color refills available on your purchase.

You don’t need to heat the ink when using the cool ink, hence a great deal for kids who want to learn artistry without worrying about accidental burns and injuries. Also, the ergonomic design feels like a real pen, thus easy to use.

It is cordless; hence you have endless possibilities without experiencing the issues that come with crowded 3D pens for children. You can press and start drawing.

Luckily, the photopolymer inks cure under LED lights, so you won’t have melted plastics all over and the unpleasant smell.



4. Full Kit –  MYNT3D Super 3D Pen [10 Color PLA Filament + DesignPad Mat Kit]

Check at Amazon

Are you looking for the best 3D pens to help children become more creative and keep them engaged? Look no further since the MYNT3D Super 3D Pen arrives packed with the necessary tools to start the kid’s hobby. In the package, you’ll get a 3D Pen, PLA filament refills, and mat kit.

The stepless speed control is a great feature that regulates the flow and also enhances temperature adjustability to help you operate in the correct range for the ABS plastic and PLA filaments. Better yet, the sealed nozzle design ensures clog-free and lasting usage.

The PLA filament refill comes in a ton of colors, including blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink, black, tan, brown, and gold, so your child will create spectacular designs from the 3D pen. Additionally, the pen has a double-sided design pad. Thus your child will design and come up with creative shapes.

This pen comes with a free pad. You can allow your children to use the transparent surface to trace their favorite patterns and come up with remarkable designs.



5. Budget Pick – MYNT3D – MP033-GN Basic 3D Pen

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Are you on a budget and ready to surprise your child with a fantastic gift? Well, let it be this budget-friendly MYNT3D – MP033-GN Basic 3D Pen. It is simple to use.

This 3d printing pen is a great deal since it works with the 1.75mm ABS and PLA that 3D printers use, so you’ll quickly get the refills. The plastic oozes out at three speeds. You’ll have it at medium and fast speeds, depending on what you are creating.

Additionally, the sealed nozzle and overbuilt gearbox prevent clogging and lets your child use the 3D pen smoothly and for a longer time.

Since this 3d printing pen comes from environmentally safe materials, you’ll have your child enjoy the safety as he becomes more creative.



6. Best LED Light – Tech 4 Kids 3D Magic Imagi Pen

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Are you set to help your children take their creativity to the next dimension? Get the Tech 4 Kids 3D Magic Pen and enjoy the stress-free creativity. It helps your child draw, connect and create remarkable designs for improved artwork.

Unlike other 3d printer pens that use messy filaments, this one utilizes the ultra-safe LED light to make the creations and dry them to eliminate oozing plastic instances. This makes the best 3d pen non-toxic and kid-friendly.

The 3d printing pen is lightweight and perfect as a learning toy for 8-15 years and an excellent gift for your children who are set for learning how to draw.



Buying Guide For The Best 3D Pens For Kids

Let’s look over some things you have to keep in mind before you buy a 3D pen for your children.

This is important when deciding to buy the best 3D pen for your kids. The 3D pen should have temperature and speed controls so that kids can run the pen at low temperatures and slow speeds for safety.

The heating element should not be hot to burn the kids. Instead of choosing a 3D pen that requires complex ABS and PLA filaments, you can opt for the cold ink 3D models that have no harm to the kid.

You’ll need to choose wisely the type of materials used during the development of your selected 3D pen. If you need a high-quality type, select the model that can handle high temperatures but still be safe for the kids. Again, pick the type with an upgraded nozzle to prevent clogging.

Everything on a 3D pen for kids should be luxurious. We advocate for grips with an ergonomic grip and easy access settings to enhance the 3D pen’s smooth control. Find out if the size is comfortable for your kid to hold and whether the settings are closer for easy access.

A kid’s 3D pen needs to have an LED screen, to monitor temperature and speeds easily. This way, the 3D pen stays in the required range for safety.

Check to see what is included in the box since it will help you avoid extra costs. A good 3D printing pen should have an adapter, the 3D pen, guide, and filaments included in the package.

Before you pick the 3D pen, find out if the power source in your home is reachable for easy use. The market has corded and cordless 3D pens for kids. You’ll need to pick a pen that works for your situation.

We recommend a cordless type because it gives the kids more freedom to move and explore the partners from unique angles.

The kids will also need something that doesn’t stress them, and a great pick is a cordless type.

If you have a steady power supply and the area you want your kid to run the drawing is close to a power source, you can pick the corded 3d printing pen and forget about the hassle that comes with recharging the battery in the cordless competitors.

Price is one of the main factors when buying 3D pens. You’ll need an affordable yet fictional pen. Check on the features and compare them with the price. If you find them perfect for you and fits in your budget, then you can get your 3D printing pen for your kids.

Also, check if the manufacturer of the 3D pen has a warranty against defects. This helps you when you get a damaged pen, which prevents stress as a parent. Apart from the warranty, good customer service is also mandatory.


1. What Is a 3D Pen for Kids?

This creative tool is designed to ooze out filament or ink and help your kids draw patterns and practice creativity through 3D printing. The 3D printing pens for kids use ink or the different types of filaments to deliver distinctive patterns.

2. How Is the 3D Pen for Kids Different From the One for Adults or Experienced Users?

In most cases, the 3D pens for adults are complex and feature different speed settings and temperature adjustments. The speeds are super fast, and temperatures range higher for complex printing ideas. Also, they use no cold ink or a glue gun.

On the other side, the 3D pens for kids are made friendly, with the majority coming with a low-temperature setting and PCL materials for drawing. Also, some arrive with LED lights to ensure the ink dries fast after drawing.

3. What Is the Advantage of the 3D Pens for Children With Cool Ink Over the One With Heated Filament?

Cool ink is simple to use and harmless when using 3D printing pens. Cool ink often dries with LED lights, and it is a great way to help kids develop their learning skills. Better still, the Ink 3D pens are easy to use and require little investment since they save on power costs.

4. Are 3D Pens Dangerous to Children?

3D pens become dangerous if handled carelessly (see 3D pen safety article). For instance, if you adjust the temperature to maximum, keep in mind that the tip will get hotter and it will be hazardous to the children. Using the 3D pens ABS plastic that requires extreme heating to flow will also pose a danger to kids.


Now that you have the information regarding the best 3D pen for kids, you can go ahead and pick one from our recommended products in this article and try it out. You have a variety of specific features that will meet your kid’s 3D pen demands.

Choose wisely and let your children enjoy the creative journey.