Are 3D Pens Worth It?

by Mike Brooks | Last Updated: April 21, 2021

3D pens are a new phenomenon in the market, and as such, you may come across a 3D pen that does not meet your expectations. However, some work almost flawlessly as well.

3D Pen With Yellow Filament

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3D pens are worth it only if you do sufficient research according to your needs. Get to know some of the best brands with the highest quality. Before purchasing, ensure you go through reviews of people who’ve bought the particular 3D pen you’re interested in.

Are 3D pens worth it? Do you think they are overpriced? Most people see it as an overpriced and overrated toy rather than an important tool in the market. You certainly need facts to determine if indeed they are merely overrated toys or if they are worth your money.

Are 3D Pens Dangerous?

The quick answer is no. The best 3D pens are quite safe and easy to use. The pens work using ABS plastic filaments. Therefore, it’s natural to be concerned about your safety. You need lots of precaution and safety measures to handle these things from material deployed to processes.

A 3D pen works like a hot glue gun providing a unique and delightful experience. Like any machine, the professional printing 3D pen produces heat from its components and the motors.

Children are naturally attracted to modern equipment including 3D printing pens. The reason behind kids being attracted to 3D printing pens is the attractiveness of 3D models created using 3D pens.

The best 3D pen for children is a 3Doodler Start pen. These pens provide a means for kids to draw and paint brightly colored, inexpensive figures or models to their specifications.

Using ABS and PLA filaments seem safe with the pen and the 3D printer, but to be on the safer side, parental supervision is required.

3D pen filaments, such as ABS plastic filament, contain non-toxic material of different colors and are safe for most applications. You don’t have to worry about getting burnt by the melted plastic extruding from your 3D printing pen. This is because once you melt the plastic, it cools down almost instantly.

3D pens have special temperature sensors to cool them if they get excessively hot. The sensor detects when the 3Doodler start pen is out of use and cools it down automatically. You need to remove the plastic filament when your 3D pen cools.

Automatically cooling down reduces the possibility of anything burning or someone getting injuries by accidentally touching the pen’s nozzle.

How Long Does a 3D Printing Pen Last?

Like any other machine,3D pens last longer if given proper care and maintenance throughout their life. To acquire quality 3D printed papers, you need speed control techniques. Unlike 3D printers, 3D pens only need care and a lot of creativity to maximize their operation.

You need to train your kids on how to handle a 3D pen to stretch its life span. Therefore, it is important to educate your children on proper 3D pen maintenance practices. Filament use is part of what you need to train the kids since they’re naturally curious and may end up causing accidents.

The 3D pen is pretty maintenance-free. In case you experience problems such as jams and blockages, it could be due to leaving the plastic filament in your 3D pen after use.

It is important to allow a 30 minutes break after every two continuous hours of using your 3D pen.

Are 3D Printers a Waste of Money?

3D Printed Heart

No, buying a 3D printer is not a waste of your money. The machine provides a means to acquire prints of supreme quality. 3D printers use OLED display technology. The usage of a 3D printer depends on your 3D printing knowledge.

What Is the Value of a 3D Printer?

The value lies in the capacity that the 3D printer prints things out. If the size and specification of the 3D printout pieces are to your liking, then it’s worth your money. Accuracy is an important aspect of making 3D art. For this reason, if the print’s accuracy is on point, then the printer is a wise investment.

A 3D printer lacks the specification required to work on figurines, jewelry, and accessories. On the contrary, 3D pens express a myriad of artistic capabilities to potential users proving their worth.

Users well-versed with software such as Solidworks derive value by optimizing 3D printing. Efficiency in spending creative time making 3D models and adjustment makes this tool quite relevant to them.

If the available 3D figures do not fit your needs, you can always create something original through 3D pens.

Is a 3D Pen Worth It?

3D pens are worth it only if you do sufficient research according to your needs. Get to know some of the best brands with the highest quality. Before purchasing, ensure you go through reviews of people who’ve bought the particular 3D pen you’re interested in.

Benefits of a 3D Pen

3D pen users recreate things such as figurines. For instance, you can fill the gaps in 3D printed models with these pens. They also create new brands of objects using 3D pens. This adds a lot of value in terms of creativity in an artist’s work.

A3D pen is result-oriented and all about the end product. Since you can buy plastic filament for use in a 3D pen in small packages, 3D pens become a cheaper option in making 3D art.

A 3D pen gives beginners and children the rare opportunity for 3D printing. It is user friendly and helps to create models of different shapes and standing. Still, it doesn’t need to be used together with software to function.

The creative and artistic bunch draws the most benefits from 3D pens. Because using their hands to create models ranks top in enhancing their creative talents.

What Are 3D Printing Pens Used For?

Professionals such as fashion designers, architects, jewelry makers, product designers, artists, and teachers use this pen in the ordinary course of their duty.

3D Printed Robot

3D pens add accents to pre-existing 3D printed models. These are models purchased from stores rather than being created using a 3Doodler. Adding extra features using filament from these pens enables you to renew your collection of figurines any time you desire.

Kids love their toys, something that no one can doubt. Get a child-safe 3D pen for your kids. It provides a lot of playing time for them as it brings some fun and builds imagination.

The 3D pens provide kids with educational and entertainment value. It helps them stretch their imagination in a manner that had not happened.

When models have a gap or a service, the 3D pen can fill the gaps. The 3D pen also joins broken parts of objects. When working on enhancing an item’s features, some parts may be challenging to reach, and the 3D pen filament comes in handy.


With the information above, you can now enjoy the service of the 3D pens. Get the right ones on the market.

The 3D pen revolutionized creativity and imagination in many professions.

Most importantly, you may use 3D pens to supplement the end products from the 3D printer. Adding features and joining together broken joints solves significant challenges not previously envisioned.

In the end, it matters a lot to appreciate the fact that the 3D pen, as new technology, brings with it numerous benefits, and it’s upon you to buy a user-friendly and safe 3D pen that meets your need at an affordable cost. One that is durable as well.

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